We know that people are far more likely to try Alpha when invited by others. This year, Bear Grylls, a British adventurer, writer and television presenter with over 1.5 billion fans worldwide, will share his personal story of finding faith and true adventure on Alpha. Bear will be featured on all our physical and digital invitation assets in order to help churches across the globe invite people to try Alpha. We’d love for you to be part of this. 

What can you do to get ready? 

May 2016: Physical invitation assets are released

  1. Contact your National Alpha Office for information on how and where to download the invitation posters, postcards and banners. 
  2. Get your congregation excited about your Alpha and encourage them to start thinking about who they can invite to try Alpha. 

August 2016: Trailer is released

  1. Watch the campaign trailer above and download it here. Play it to your church as you prepare for your Alpha launch in the Autumn. 

1 September 2016: Alpha invitation launches

  1. We are launching our campaign video with the full version of Bear's story. Watch it! 
  2. Contact your National Alpha Office for information on how and where to download our digital invitation assets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and web images). 
  3. Create a physical impact: put up a Bear banner outside your church and encourage your congregation to invite guests using the physical invitation materials. 
  4. Create a digital impact: share the campaign video (with Bear's story) and the digital invitation materials on your website and on social media. 

Our vision is that every person in every major city in the world has the opportunity to #TryAlpha
Will you join us in making this invitation the most far reaching one yet? 

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