Time For Questions

Time For Questions

Hvad ser jeg i mig selv, og hvad ser andre i mig?

We live in a complicated time. With global economies seesawing, decreasing opportunities for the young and shifts in attitudes towards family values and gendered career roles, it can be hard to envisage what the future will hold.

Millennials have had to pick themselves up by the bootstraps and tackle hardships, challenges and setbacks not experienced by the working generation before them.

Our identities are being challenged. Who we are, what we do and what our legacy will be are all questions being asked at a much earlier stage in our lives. And this is before we have even taken into account the idea of faith. In my own journey with God, I am often at a loss as to who I am and what my role in this short life is. What do I see in myself and what do others see in me?

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For me, the church isn’t just a place to reflect and learn about my personal journey with God, but also a community dedicated to discussing these big questions. We all need the space and time to wrestle with our purpose – what defines us, what we desire and what we will take with us when we check out of this life. Alpha offers a place to explore these hard-hitting, meaning-of-life subjects with a group of people from different walks of life.

Over the years, the web has seen an increase in online forums like Reddit, crowdsourced question-and-answer sites like Quora and micro-blogging tribes on Tumblr, all evidence for this need for answers and insight. Hundreds and thousands of threads on these sites relate to the question, ‘What is the meaning of life?’

For mig er kirken et fællesskab dedikeret til at snake om netop disse store spørgsmål.

The answers can tell us a lot about the current global mood. Some focus on living a healthy and dedicated life: ‘Speak softer, pause for beauty.’ Others offer raw fact: ‘to reproduce’. And of course there are those that just want to ‘dance till you can’t anymore’.

Luckily, we don’t have to have the right answers to every question all the time. Some things take time to work out. There will always be new worries and concerns as we change jobs, move locations or simply grow up and face life’s inevitable setbacks. But there are some questions that don’t disappear as we change, questions that we sometimes wish we had more space to investigate. For me, amidst the confusion and the busyness of life, those questions were too important to ignore.

Ord: Lisa Payne

Photo: Alex Douglas

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Få den nye Pocket Bibel 'Mød Gud' tilsendt gratis!

Få den nye Pocket Bibel 'Mød Gud' tilsendt gratis!

Kan man møde Gud?

I tusindvis af år har mennesker haft oplevelser, som de kun kan beskrive på én måde: de har oplevet et møde med Gud.

I MØD GUD finder du eksempler på 10 nye og hundredevis af gamle møder med Gud. Ofte har folk mødt Gud, når det har været mest ønsket. Nogle gange er det sket, når det har været mindst ventet. Andre gange er det sket for folk, der slet ikke troede, at den slags var muligt.

MØD GUD er verdens vigtigste bog med et usædvanligt langt forord. Verdens vigtigste bog er den del af Biblen, der fortæller historien om Jesus. I det usædvanligt lange forord møder du mennesker som dig og mig, der har mødt Gud.

Hvem er den for?

MØD GUD er skrevet til folk, der er nysgerrige på at tale om tro. Den er mest skrevet til unge, men den rammer bredt. Første del af bogen er 10 menneskers historier om møder med Gud og hvad det betyder for dem.

Det nye testamente på en måde du ikke har prøvet før …

Anden del er ny testamente på hverdagsdansk. Den er skrevet som en helt almindelig bog uden versopdelinger der kan være forstyrrende. Det betyder, at du læser teksterne på en ny måde.


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